Ireland special - some more from our green Irish box  
The green island truly is green! The harsh cliffs of the coastline are not far from meadows with cows and sheep and barley fields, and forests of pine or oak lie only a few miles from a vast peat bog. We do want to come back and see more some day!

If you feel for visiting Eire, the Irish Tourist Board will kindly give you an armful of tempting brochures to browse, and may be together with our tip-off links you will later on have a vacation long resting in your memory.

Some rain showers now and then - that does not matter and the islanders are very kind and helpful. An example: All B&B and tearooms put small white paper doilies under the teacups or under the pots of marmalade, and we wanted to buy some to use back home. Every supermarket and small paper shop on the way got a visit. Shop assistants left their counters and joined me (M) in the hunt and sometimes we were lucky! Happy faces all over the place! You are allowed to be slightly eccentric in Ireland!

Links to start with:

The Irish Tourist Board is a good start as we already have told you. Of course all these brochures are available in the country too, but wouldn't it be quite annoying to have missed An Dún near Athlone if you happen to pass that way and love vintage toy railways?!

If we collect odd museums? Well, we like them and sometimes they tell you more about a country than any big collection in the big city.

Irish Tourist Board - First choice
Dublin Tourism - Official Visitor Information - everything a tourist want to know about Dublin

Maumturk mountains, Joyce country, Connemara
- or Hobbiton, The Shire?

Something more with an Irish flavour

Steam trains on Irish Railways and Railway Preservation Society of Ireland - the only railways you will find in Ireland are vintage railways except the little Bog Train
Peat - all about peat and links to The Bog Trains
Tipperary - "It's a long way to Tipperaryyyyyy." (If you are in Ireland, nothing is very far away, however.)

Memorable links for us - and may be for you too


if we go back to visit Glasson we'll stay here again
Benown House, Glasson, Athlone, County Westmeath
Nice place, lovely breakfast with excellent White Pudding and Black pudding. Best place for exploring beautiful and interesting places during a day trip, e.g. Connemara. See links about good food and sightseeing too!

Ballindrum Farm, County Kildare
Nice place, and we felt like home again, as we are both brought up in the countryside in Sweden. Barley fields and cows! This farm has got the highest honours a B&B can get, according to all the diplomas in the breakfast room. And we agree! We'll be back! Picture here -vvvv-below

Hilltop house, Kilnamartyra, Macroon, Co Cork
Hilltop house can be seen on the hill to the left in this panorama photo of Kilnamartyra village
Nice place too, with black cows, black dogs, a black cat and a charming family. American tourists often shared our breakfast, but we never understood why they had to make the whole county Cork in one day! We like Cork and would like to see more of it some day! And stay here!


Locke's Distillery Museum - only a museum (but still a dram is available)
Jameson Heritage Centre - modern distillery (dram included)
Guinness Irish Stout and the brewery - "My goodness my Guinness!" But Murphy's is good, too!

Part of a hedge of Fuchsia, height : 4 meters

An Dún Museum - they have lots of things from Granny's youth. Happy browsing indeed!
see also our art page special with photos to enlarge from this place!
Blarney Castle - a medieval castle. Please - watch the low doorway if you are tall!
Mizen head- the very southwestern part of Ireland with the "fog signal station"

Mizen head

Good food on tours

Glasson Village Restaurant - worth a special trip if you are not already staying in Glasson's B&B, within the village

Kinsale - town with bird watching, good food and the houses painted in happy colours

Heron's Cove - fresh fish! We liked this place very much! You can watch the harbour while waiting for your food, no fast food here, and they use products from the county in their kitchen. From the fish to the butter and the vegetables.

Suddenly we noticed that the boat bobbing in the water some moments ago, now looked more like a stranded whale and lying on its side. Large flocks of seabirds were picking in the mud for mussels and other things of "birdie nam-nam", it was the tide!
Then we got our plates of seafood, and we dawdled at the table with such a view quite a long time, before we started for Mizen Head. Heron's Cove - a nice place both for birds and people!

Mr Bumbles Restaurant - good food too (beef)! Mr Bumble?? The name seems familiar, does it not, from the cartoon "Tom Puss" still running in many daily papers.

Irish Chocolates - Butlers - three cafes in Dublin, near Trinity College, with hot drinking chocolate/cocoa (and whipped cream), and do buy some boxes of chocolates, your last chance is at the airport!

"Uaisle a éisteas le healaíon"
(It is a sign of nobility to patronize art)