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MC vernissage Downhill

Sollentuna Konstronda 2017 / 18th year! But a bit unusual place for us this time!

This year we are as usual helping with the advertisment things, but we will not open our own "gallery". The Art Show with Open house at the Artists' is the same weekend as Edsvik Art Fair, and the neighbouring and interesting museum MC collection wanted aquarelles by somebody of the artists, preferrably motives with wheels, so ... (^.^) Margareta will show her bike paintings there, in the café. Bikes without a motor! Welcome in to see the paintings and take a tour around the museum with the old and beautiful gems, some more than 100 years old. One Oldie with both transmission belt and bicycle chain! From the Swedish Husqvarna. And some old bikes with a sidecar. The link about the museum is available in English, too.


MC-café Margareta and Pär Just married 1916

MC     Sidvagn     MC

All news about the Sollentuna Konstronda's web site and on Konstrondan's Facebook page, but only in Swedish, but look at the photo albums from earlier years and see how we arrange this Art Marathon! Quite a popular event in April (^.^)

Sollentuna Annual Art Show 2016 / the 17:th year! Saturday 16 - Sunday 17 April
Again we opened our Pop-up Garage Gallery in Landsnora in Sollentuna

Springtime, and the Spring event that so many waited for - The Art Show & Open studios - a Marathon in Art during a weekend in April, and with 35 artists this year. Sunshine, rain, and lots of spring-flowers, even the Japanese cherry-tree was in bloom in a neighbour's garden.

As usual our own garage was transformed this weekend into a Gallery. More visitors than last year came and they really liked my portraits of hens, cats and ostriches (see the artist's Gallery). I had of course some new bicyclists, too, in the tour "Strade Bianche" in Tuscany, that very dusty tour in March, on white country dirt roads.

Thanks for all encouraging greetings in my guestbook! They warmed my heart!


Henriettas vårhatt  Tuschtupp  Strade bianche

Sollentuna Art show & Open house
came off 18 – 19 april 2015
in open studios all around Sollentuna


The annual event Sollentuna Art Show came off for the 16:th year, and still it is very popular. Many visitors return to their favourite artists, or try new ones, because it is an Art Marathon to see all, in two days! Not many minutes in each place if you want to see all 33 artists's studios!

You can find information about the event and the participants on the web page above, and, in a small gallery, samples of art from the artists's, too. And thereby choose the ones you want to visit or contact!

As usual we made our own make-shift gallery, Gallerie Garage, with paintings and drawings, originals with not so common motives! Water colour, ink, graphite, crayon, and some are a blend of techniques.

My favourite motives of cyclists in all kinds of weather and in full speed, were now mixed with birds and animals that keep to the ground. Ostriches and hens, foxes, hedgehogs and squirrels!

Some cyclists and a hen now have new "homes" at happy owners'. (^.^)

Next year more Art in April in Sollentuna! Stay tuned!


Välkommen Siesta Snygg profil

Tennis quote

2014 on 5-6 April was the annual Art weekend & Open house of Sollentuna Art Show
You can find information about the event and the participants on that web page, and, in a small gallery samples of art from the artists's, too, until next year.

It was a nice spring weather this weekend in early April, sunny and nice visitors, too. Manyof them wondered why Margareta has such motives as SPORT and cycling! Well, it is fun to catch movements, shadows and colours in a painting, and cycling is such a colourful and "moving" sport" Tennis and skiing can be sports in full speed, too! See the quote by Blile Jean King, the former Tennis champion. >>>

Please, have a look at the Art Show's facebook page! You are welcome to see it, and you can see the album without being a facebook member! And "Like" it if you like it and get information about next Art show, next year.


My next event was an exhibition together with an old school-friend from the years at the Art school in Stockholm. Art teacher exam (= BA) in 1967!

Margareta Dahlin & Christina Hagberg
in Galleri Stallet at Edsvik Art in Sollentuna
May 24 - 29 ... see more at Edsvik Art

At Konstkvarteret you are able to search on our names and see our galleries (Medlemmar -> Sök) then click on the avatar and on "Galleri" or "Bildspel".

At The Stable Gallery were all my big paintings of cyclists to see, and Christina came from Belgium with her wonderful portraits of known and unknown people >>> here her Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, before he became King of Sweden.

Why May 24? On May 24 the great cycle event Gran Fondo Stockholm passed on both sides of the park around Edsberg and Edsvik, amateurs as well as pro cyclists! I had to catch that coincidence and the beautiful park is a nice place for a picnic, and four places with refreshments are in the neighbourhood. Visit Edsvik any time or season! (^.^)

Have a look at a few photos from our event in The Stable. Click on them to enlarge!
The first two days were warm and sunny, +27 C, but then the weather became more wintry with icy hard wind from nort-east (+8-10 C), so we had to put on heavy winter clothing again. Brrr! "Baby, it's cold inside!" Blankets galore. But warming words from our visitors, both directly and in our guestbooks!

Gallery the Stable     Vernissage     Visiting cyclist

Baby it′s cold inside!     Bosse     Douglas     Guestbook

Together again, with three more old school-friends from the Art school, 4-10th of October
at Gallery Hagström in the Old town of Stockholm, Österlånggatan 5

50 years since we met for the first time at the Art school / Konstfack! It was a kind of a jubilee!
Acrylics, aquarelles/water colours, calligraphy, and textiles.

A funny mixture, but we got much credit for a beautiful and nice exhibition. Many visitors were tourists from other countries around the planet, from Japan to USA, Australia to Mexico, as well as friends and relatives from Belgium and Sweden. See some pictures from this week in the Old town of Stockholm!

Click on the pictures to enlarge!

Opening day   Waiting for visitors   Window   Gästbok

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