Art shows

Konstrondans logotyp

Sollentuna Art Show started in the year 2000 and Margareta has participated every year, except 2001, 2002 and 2017-18. Since 2004 we use our garage for our exhibitions – Gallerie Garage – during the weekend the show lasts. In that way the garage gets cleaned once a year! Pär handles the web page of the whole Art Show since 2009. An event with open house at the participating artists's studios or homes.

From 2004 the artists show one or two (this year 2011 only one) of their pictures or sculptures in a the educational institute Bergendal Meetings, where people can get an idea about which artists they want to visit. Here below we show some pictures from our own participation in the shows.

Go to the Picture Gallery to see many of the paintings. In 2008 och 2009 Margareta also showed some photographs, too, and you can see a couple of them on our photo page.



Hanging pictures in the newly painted garage
Hanging pictures in the newly scrubbed and painted garage




Sara's angel
Sara's angel is always there.

The show 2004 was the first in our own Gallerie Garage. We had painted the walls and bought spotlights and equipment for hanging the pictures from our friend Erwin, the former frame maker and gallery Pictorama owner.

The pictures were landscapes from Skåne, Toscana and La Palma, and also some works of Calligraphy.


Post cards
Postcards, quite good business.

Margareta orders all printed matter from Vistaprint. It has worked very well for many years, even if their aggressive marketing is a bit tiresome.




Utställningen på Bergendal
The exhibition at Bergendal.


The African corner
The Africa corner

We had been fascinated by the National Geographic webcam at Pete's Pond in Botswana and Margareta made aquarells from what she had seen on the computer screen. We also had a laptop showing videos, sights and sounds, from the pond. Quite a contrast to the weather outdoors during the two days!





Winter weather
April 2, 2006. Some spring weather!


Sponsor snacks
Sponsor snacks.
Fresh dates, coffee caramels, chocolates, crisp bread etc






Pär talks to a guest
Pär talks to a dear guest from far away.


M's paintings at Bergendal
M's paintings at Bergendal

This year we had been watching cycling competitions on the TV. Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and La Vuelta. You get a feeling of travelling through France, Italy and Spain together with the cyclists, and you recognise some of the places if you have been there! Margareta caught the impressions with her brush.





Sometimes there was time for solving crossword puzzles.


Gallery Garage
The corner with the table with sweets and calligraphy. The water tap is hidden in a bucket (no hole in the bucket and the flowers are made of cloth)

The first visitors
The first visitors.





M at Bergendal
Margareta at Bergendal by her paintings "Mountain stage (Alpes-de-Huez), Tour de France" and "March afternoon" (se the picture gallery).

Much better weather than 2006!


Gallery Garage
Sponsor snacks.

Sports department
The sports department





Come in!
Margareta greets the visitors

Josefin and Jonatan
The neighbour's kids


Gallery Garage
PoM welcome the visitors




90+ visitors
Our oldest guests, 90+